The alternative company credit check

We don't just tell you if a company can afford an invoice, but if they will pay it on time.

A refreshing approach to due diligence.

We offer more than a standard free company credit check, focusing on delivering highly transparent data not just on a company's finanical status but on how they work with their suppliers.

Our data

We combine the latest financial data from Companies House and integrate real time reviews from company suppliers, allowing us to track and (in the future) predict the company's financial status.

By using cutting edge algorithms we are able to report on the companies that pay late and reward those who pay on time.

The same as a standard credit report?

A traditional company credit check will only inform you if a company can afford to pay your invoices, whereas our reports, will tell you if they have a proven record of paying and if those payments were made on time.

This data will be available to everyone, providing a free and simple to use solution to help minimise the risk of you not getting paid on time.

Why is it important?

SME late payments result in the closure of more than 50,000 small businesses each year, according to the Federation of Small Businesses, costing the economy £2.5 billion.

Our simple solution is to provide an easy to understand report, helping you to make informed decisions on building strong relationships with your customers and suppliers.

About Checklate

Checklate was set up to make it easier for small businesses to check and monitor their customers and supplier's financial history, enabling them to reduce their monetary risk.

Founded by a small team of business owners who know the risks and pressures of running a small business, we want to make due diligence as easy as possible, ensuring that any business owner can understand the potential risks of a new customer/supplier relationship.

We take the latest financial information from Companies House and integrate real time customer reviews to score a company's ability to pay your invoices on time.

We go beyond risk assessments, cashflow and public liabilities and provide an easy to understand report which clearly rates a company's performance on paying their invoices on time.