Company Number: 02940513 | 78300 - Human resources provision and management of human resources functions

Latest financial information for Gleeds Employment Services (bristol)

Shown below, is the latest financial data, direct from Companies House, providing accurate data using the companies latest filed accounts.

Current Assets
? The final amount of all gross investments, cash and equivalents, receivables, and other assets as they are presented on the balance sheet.


Current Liabilities
? Current liabilities appear on a companies balance sheet and include short-term debt, accounts payable, accrued liabilities, and other similar debts.


Credit Limit
? This figure is based on our algorithms and provides an estimate on how much credit we recommend is provided per month. This figure should be used as a guide only.


Client Score information for Gleeds Employment Services (bristol)

Client Score

The client score is a simple rating out of 100 points, the higher the score the better they are at paying their invoices on time. This is NOT a credit score for Gleeds Employment Services (bristol).

Based on the latest supplier reviews Gleeds Employment Services (bristol) has been late paying invoices a total of 46 days and have paid their invoices a total of 46 days early, with the average invoice amount being £269

Latest reviews for Gleeds Employment Services (bristol)

The data shown below is compiled from direct feedback provided from current or past suppliers, detailing the payment history and how good they are at paying invoices.

Average number of days late


Average number of days early


Average rating

Very Good

Number of reviews


How does Gleeds Employment Services (bristol) compare to their competitors?

Using data from over 4.2million UK companies we compare this score with that of other companies within the same industry, as defined by SIC data.

These are the average scores within the same SIC code as Gleeds Employment Services (bristol) 78300 - Human resources provision and management of human resources functions

Ave. Client ScoreAve. Invoice
Ave. Days LateAve. Days Early

Average payment history of local competitors.

How does this Gleeds Employment Services (bristol) compare to their competitors within the same region? We analyse the data to help you understand.

These are the average scores for this companies competitors within London

Ave. Client ScoreAve. Invoice
Ave. Days LateAve. Days Early

What do these reports mean?

Client Scores Explained

70-100 – a great rating. A client or supplier with this client score has a higher chance of paying invoices and are deemed less risky. Although their monthly credit limit is high, we would still be wary of exceeding this limit and would also recommend regular checks as scores can change on a weekly basis.

40-69 – a good rating. We would advise caution with any company within this range, as even though their credit limit may be above what you may be requiring, they have previously paid invoices late a number of times. We would recommend negotiating payment terms with them to help reduce your financial risk.

Below 39 – a bad rating. Your company will be at risk if you agree to any payment terms with this company. We highly recommend you setup a proforma invoice and continually monitor their scores, reviews and feedback very closely.

A client score is based on supplier reviews, the more reviews you have the more accurate the score is. At the beginning without any reviews we use the financial data from Companies House with reviews based on your location and SIC category, providing a basic client score to improve upon.

Our company reviews

We want to create the most transparent company due diligence solution and review database in the UK, but to do this we need YOUR help. By reviewing your clients and providing information as to whether they paid their invoices late, you can help warn other companies who may be considering dealing with them, so that they have the opportunity to minimise their financial risk.

This data will help others to manage their invoice payments with this company and will warn them of any companies who do not pay within the agreed terms.

Financial Data

All of our financial reports, historical data and account filings, are obtained direct from Companies House, they are as accurate as any other traditional credit check facility and are updated as soon as the accounts are filed.

Although every care has been taken to review and audit our company data, many accounts are filed by the company, therefore any errors or omissions are solely down to the company, and we cannot take any responsibility for this data or its' accuracy.

Please note: this report is NOT a credit score of Gleeds Employment Services (bristol) but an algorithm-based solution to highlight how strong a relationship they have with their suppliers and how often they pay their invoices on time or late. The finanical information in this report is directly taken from Companies House and integrated with real time feedback from suppliers, therefore we cannot take any responsibility for this data or its' accuracy.