5 types of late-paying clients

If you run your own business it’s likely that at some point you’re going to come across a client who doesn’t pay you on time. So what do you do when it comes to chasing payment from them? Here are some suggestions on how to work with five types of …Read More

How to accept payments online

Customers that are offered convenient online payment methods pay invoices two to three weeks earlier than usual. Here’s how small businesses can cash in on the trend.
Popular online payment methods
If you’ve bought something online, then you’ve probably used an online payment method. The most common are credit cards, debit cards, …Read More

8 Tips on chasing outstanding invoices

It would be nice if you could send an invoice, then sit back and watch the money roll in. But half of all invoices are paid late. And some aren’t paid at all. So how do you handle outstanding invoices?
How to collect money
Some people – like credit control managers, accountants …Read More